Issues Encountering UK Steel

There appears to be an elaborate set of issues encountering UK steel; not just do we have an excess of cheap, foreign steel, but the cost of creating British steel is boosted because of higher salaries and higher energy prices. Although effectiveness enhancements in production processes currently imply that contemporary steel requires much less labour per tonne to make, this by itself just adds to the over-supply. European steel needs to also abide by environment-friendly taxes and also climate change legislation, indicating it’s more moral, yet fairly speaking, much less affordable. At the same time, the remarkable fall in petroleum prices have resulted in reduced investment in finding new British oil as well as gas, creating a decrease in demand for steel for the oil and gas market within the British Isles.
When West Yorkshire Steel began in the 1970’s, the market utilized around 200,000 individuals. A decade later, throughout the steel strikes when Ian McGregor handled the steel unions, it was about half that and today, steelworker numbers are approximated to be around 30,000, with 15,000 employed by Tata.

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