Additional Services

Advanced Casting Co Ltd, Copper, Mild Steel & Aluminium Casting UK specialise in Copper, Mild Steel – Aluminium Casting UK, Investment and Precision Castings UK, Close Dimensional & Mild Steel Castings, UK.

Advanced Castings supply a total service package for all casting requirements including stainless steel castings, aluminium casting, investment castings. To this end we are able to offer the following services.


      – Finish Machining from simple drilling and tapping through to complex CNC forms, Advanced Castings have a proven track record of handling such projects.


      – Assemblies. We are keen to supply sub assemblies to the customers requirements.


      – Heat treatment, We offer full range of heat treatment services including vacuum heat treatment.


    – Finishing, here we have experience in hand polishing, painting and chemical treatments.


Other casting services.

Utilising our unparalleled experience we are able to control projects involving other casting processes. Our network of suppliers developed over a number of years through out the world ensures we are a “one stop solution” for all stainless steel castings, aluminium casting, investment castings requirements.

Rapid Prototype Projects.

Advanced Castings have experience with a number of rapid prototype techniques, we are able to offer comprehensive advice as to the most suitable technique, and organise the manufacture accordingly.



Advanced Castings are a leading manufacturer of investment castings in ferrous and non ferrous materials. In recent years the company has invested heavily in computer controlled robotics, automatic and other purpose built plant and equipment, and externally developing relationships with “low cost” manufacturing facilities overseas. This investment has proved particularly successful in supporting projects associated with the oil industry, for both large and small investment castings.

A major factor in the growth of Advanced Castings is the Company’s commitment to the “total service package”, encouraging close collaboration throughout design and especially servicing our customers manufacturing requirements. To this end we have formed proven and close relationships with manufacturing facilities throughout the world, particularly overseas. We are able to utilise our experience in casting manufacture to develop and control a customers project utilising the benefits of both the process and low cost manufacture. Thus the customer is able to maximise the benefits of the Investment casting process, without the notorious difficulties associated with sub-contract supply.

The company has the ability to control small or large batch sizes, all subject to the same unparalleled technical and quality standards. Advanced Castings are BS EN ISO 9002 approved illustrating the commitment to the objective that customer receives a quality product at the right price!